Honey Bee Ranch Event Center 800 E Highway 90 Dayton, TX 77535 US

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Honey Bee Ranch History

The Honey Bee Ranch Event Center had a very sweet history which started when A.W. Bulay turned his hobby of learning everything he could about bees into a business of processing honey.  Mr. Bulay bought a tract of land in 1942 on a small hill just outside Dayton and built a combination home and headquarters for his bee hives. The building still exists on the side of a Dayton hill on the approach from the east on U.S. Highway 90. Mr. Bulay’s honey building had a purpose for being built on the side of a hill. The bottling room was downstairs from the extracting room above. There was a good reason for this because the gravity flow of honey downward kept the honey clear. One of Mr. Bulay’s best customers bought honey by the barrel, a company in Louisiana called Hadacol, a cough syrup.

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